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​Vocal 越路よう子 Guitar 越路ファラオ雪路 Guitar 越路和子

Drums マイクブラック濱ぁ Bass ロボット太郎 

和太鼓 越路Kaoly たい子

The composition of the Koshiji family is as follows. The eldest daughter is I, Koshiji Yoko, the youngest is Koshiji Kazuko, and the second daughter is Koshiji Pharaoh Yukiji. Detective Mike Brahama is a regular customer of Snack Fubuki and adviser to the Koshiji family. Taiko Kaoly, who was lost in the shrine, was taken in by the Koshiji family as her adopted daughter.

Koshiji God protects the Koshiji family. He is a zashikiwarashi. Those who can see him receive happiness.

I started playing in a band when my older sister Yoko and Pharaoh were invited by their youngest child Kazuko to perform at a local Bon Odori festival. Birth of three Koshiji sisters. After that, he learned that regular customer Mike Blackhama used to play the drums and welcomed him as a member. Taiko-chan is of course a Japanese drum. And of course God will fill the hole for her. God is the base. The Koshiji family was a cartoon-like family that was born in such circumstances.


​Vocal Yoko Koshiji Guitar Koshiji Pharaoh Yukiji Guitar Kazuko Koshiji

Drums Mike Black Hama Bass Kamisama Koshiji

Japanese drum Koshiji Kaoly Taiko

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