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​Vocal 越路よう子 Guitar 越路ファラオ雪路 Guitar 越路和子

Drums マイクブラック濱ぁ Bass ロボット太郎 

和太鼓 越路Kaoly たい子

The composition of Koshijifamily is like this. The eldest daughter is me, Yoko Koshiji, the youngest is Kazuko Koshiji, And the second daughter is Koshiji Pharaoh Yukiji.  Mike Black Hummer is a regular customer of a pub FUBUKI. and consultant for Koshiji-family. And the old humanoid #"Robot Taro" is like AIBO. (Is it a pet?) And Kaoly Taiko, who was lost at the shrine, is taken over by the Koshiji family as an adopted woman.   The band started playing at the Bon Dance Festival in the Noge town that was invited by the youngest child, Kazuko. Knowing that regular customer Mike Black was playing the drums in the old days, There is a background that the robot that I met at the Heavy Metal Club that Kazuko belonged to was accepted as a member. The Koshiji family was a cartoon-like family born in this process.


Vocal Yoko Koshiji  Guitar Yukiji Pharaoh Koshiji  

Guitar Kazuko Koshiji   Drums Mike black Hammer

​Bass Robot Taro  Japanese Drum Taiko Kaoly Koshiji



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